Bioforms are life organisms and hate anything machine like. They will attack you and other mining corporations.

Basic BioformsEdit

Picture Name Enemy Type of attack Research +1
Spiker Bioform Stingers Energite
Bouncer Bioform Melee bump Linkam
Latcher Bioform Melee cling Massiate
Drifter Bioform Explode on impact Destructium

Basic bioforms do not drop ores. Will spawn anywhere in the world; will grow stronger and in bigger numbers the further you go out.

Advanced BioformsEdit

Name Enemy Type of attack Research +1 Drop
Bob Bioform Melee Constructa
50 Cyan Ores
Sam Bioform Melee + Seeker Missiles Thinkon
50 Pink Ores
Ray Bioform Melee + Fire Beam Repulside
50 Orange Ores
Stu Bioform Melee Hook + Life Steal Gravium
50 Purple Ores

Carefull these bioforms are big. Luckily they only spawn in Uncharted and further.

Boss BioformEdit

There is a notion, born of fevered minds, that somewhere out there are massive bioforms larger than any so far seen. The most common name reprintable in polite society is 'Maw'. A name feared and respected as the void of knowledge it represents. Find them and kill them if you dare.

Additional information

Maw Bioform is known to:

1) Shoot small bioforms out the back

2) Has a black hole for an eye

3) Has 4 tentacles that can hook on

4) Shoots short range pink beams

5) Has a lot of health

6) Can infect planets and hatch eggs on large planets.

The assumption is that when a Maw Bioform dies, they give 1 portal stone research and drop 50 white ores. The story goes that it will only spawn in The Edge.

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