The anchor frame is handy to really get things stuck in position. Sometimes you need this to keep the ore storage from flying into the sun. Basically it's use is to stop stuff from moving around (when the anchor is powered). The anchor frame can be unlocked under the linkam research tree, conveniently the research is called 'Anchor Frame'. When placed ingame the anchor looks like the picture on the right.


The anchor frame really requires a type of energy frame to help out. The most used frame for near a sun is the solar frame and for without a sun, the power frame. An example of utilising an anchor is as followed. See the red circle, it shows the anchor in it's active state whilest in this construction.

In this case I am using the anchor like a sea water ship captain, just parking. As said before you may also chose to have anchors on places where you want to store ores. This could make sure that the hoppers, don't crash or get pushed into the sun.


150 yellow ores and 200 blue ores

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