The build zone is a handy piece of work. It repairs frames and makes it possible to spawn frames within it's radius, provided you have enough ores. The picture to the right shows you how the build zone looks like ingame. Note that the build zone needs to be powered in order to work. You can find the research for build zone in the constructa research tree, under the name 'Build Zone'.




To the right you can see a video of a build zone being powered by a power frame. The cyan mist is like the cyan nebula, it repairs everything. You can also build in quite a big circle around the build zone (as you can see at the bottom of this page).

It does need to be powered though, for it to be used everywhere, a power frame is recommended.

It could be used as the center of every framework, repairing the frames so they do not get damaged.

Warning: Also repairs enemy frames.


To build a build zone you need 200 yellow ores and 250 cyan ores.


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