The describtion says it; the hopper frame is simply for storage. Whether you want to collect the ores from the nuke or solar frame, maybe you just want to put your ores in a storage, cause your almost full of ores anyway. The hopper frame is the way to go. The research for the hopper frame is conveniently placed under 'Hopper Frame' in the destructium research tree.


The hopper when spawned is always empty like picture 1. I connected a 'command frame' to the hopper to fill the hopper with my builder bot, to make picture 2.

Every block is +/- 10 ores (9 block horizontaly x 4 vertically = 36 storage compartments for 360 ores). The hopper can be emptied using bots attached to any part of the framework, as long as the hopper is connected to this framework aswell. Like in picture 3, the binder bot can get all the blue ores, even though it's connected all the way to the left. Also note that bots can only take out the ores that they can have in their inventory (binder bot can't take red ores for example).

Anything that saves up ores like Solar Frame (when near sun) or Nuke Frame (when powered), puts ores in hoppers. Personally I think the best way to take out all the ores is by connecting a Command Frame or something. You can load or unload all the ores in and from your builder bot whilest in a Command Frame.


250 yellow ores and 200 red ores.

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