The best way to stop power going to a certain part of your construction, is by not placing any energy frames to it or use the insulator frame. The insulator frame can be researched in the energite research tree, under then name 'Powered Frames'.The insulator frame looks like picture 1 in-game.

Like the power frame the insulator frame has 3 settings:

1) Power Off (picture 1)

2) Power On (picture 2)

3) Pulse Mode (picture 3)


An example of use is seen in the picture to the right. The purpose of the insulators here is not to keep firing my drill or mining laser, whilest having power on my setup to collect all the destructium from the nuke frames.

Like the power frame you can choose to have the insulator frame on or off. There is different ways and reasons to use the insulator frame with powered frames.


Insulator frame costs 200 yellow ores and 300 red ores.

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