The power frame is your power supply. It basically goes through all the hardpoints and through all the frames, except for the insulator frame. The power frame can be researched in the energite research tree, under then name 'Powered Frames'.

The power frame has different settings as you can see In picture 1 to 3:

1) Power On

2) Power Off

3) Pulse Mode


The power frame is a common use for advanced ships. A bot attached to a frame that is powered (by the power frame) will keep using it's ability. Note that when a command frame is powered and your build bot is docked there, it will keep firing the drill (to block this effect read about the insulator frame).

The power frame has been used in other examples on this wiki, please take a look at: Anchor Frame, Nuke Frame and others will be added later (picture 4 has the power frame attached to an explosive wall).


The cost of a power frame is 200 yellow ores, 200 blue ores and 50 cyan ores.

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