All frames or bots destroyed by the Recycler get turned into Energite. To the right you can see a picture of the recycler. It looks like a loading dock, but that's the side that destroys stuff. You cannot dock the recycler directly, it will recycle your builder bot! The research for the recycler can be found under the constructa research tree and is conveniently called 'Recycler Frame'.


In the right upper picture you see a recycler. Note that the minimum a recycler needs to work is a power frame, as seen in picture 1. This will not be functional however, cause it has no place to store the ores. In picture 2 is an example of a fully functional recycler. There is two anchors to hold it firmly in place, the power frame is powering everything and two hoppers to store the ores in. 

In picture 3 you can see the recycler starting to recycle a solar frame. Which I threw in the recycler using a binder bot. In picture 4 you can see the solar frame exploding and energite ores being stored in the hoppers. The ores all came from the recycled solar frame.


200 yellow ores, 300 green ores and 100 cyan ores.

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