The syphon frame is perfect to automatically store ores from any bot or frame. Ingame the syphon frame looks like the picture to the right. The builder bot is currently in a position where the syphon frame could suck all the ores out of my builder. Too bad it only works when powered. I will write more about that in application for the siphon frame. The research for syphon frame can be unlocked under 'Auto-Mining' in the destructium research tree.


To the right I present a simple but effective setup for the siphon frame. First of all let's look again at the syphon frame, it's now set to active; noticable by the red hexagon expanding from the center. 

In this specific setup I have chosen to use the power frame to activate the siphon frame and the anchor. With another anchor the structure couldn't even rotate, but my main objective was  to hold it in place. The 3 hoppers can hold 1080 ores together, the storage would be easily expandable. But to keep the image to a normall size, I have chosen to keep it small. You can see the hoppers already contain a lot of ores from my builder bot. The syphon frame sucks it out surprisingly quick!

I guess another addon could be any super frame that allows your builder bot to dock. That way you could get the ores out quickly again. This setup can be handy for those drill bots that automatically mine for  you. Place the drill bot, about where my builder bot is right now. Right click the drill bot and it will automine and when it's full it will automatically go back to where it started. The syphon frame sucks the ores out, so the drill bot can start auto mining again. Genius way to automate the mining process.


300 yellow ores, 100 orange ores and 100 purple ores.

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