Bots are your actors for the OreSome corporation, controlled by left clicking on the one you desire, then flying with the direction controls (and Lateral Thrusters, if the upgrade is acquired). Check ‘Options’ for key bindings. Some can dock with planets, all can dock with hardpoints on your frame based structures, just but flying into them. The brake key slows them down and undocks them from planets. They are bought by dragging them from the bottom right buy menu into a valid build location (denoted by a light blue circle).

Frames are structures that can be clipped together to form ships and bases using hardpoints. Hardpoint status can be determined by their colour – blue is active and will connect to any bot or other hardpoint they touch. Left clicking on a connected point will disconnect it. Right clicking welds the hardpoint and turns it green for a more rigid structure. Purple points are found only on Powered Launchers and fire off anything connected when power is applied. Yellow points are specialised and will only dock with a single bot type. When the bot’s active ability is triggered, the frame is triggered instead. Some frames can produce power and some require it. Connected frames transfer power through their hardpoints. Any bot in a powered hardpoint will use its active ability constantly.

Super Frames are the second set of frames are capable of docking the larger bots, the Builder and Brainer, or have specialised hardpoints that accept a single bot type. These tend have greater abilities than the previous standard frame and are accordingly larger and more costly.

Abilities can make the difference between life and death in this large universe. They are the weapons off mass destruction for your builder. To be used offensively or defensively, strategic or just for fun. Using them costs a certain ammount of ores and you can burn through your ores quite quickly using abilities.

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